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Are Walk-in Tubs Eligible for Reimbursement by Medicare?

Medical Reimbursement Information concerning Walk-in Tubs

Even though these tubs are not on the official list of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) on which Medicare normally approves claims, occasionally Medicare does reimburse a part of the tub’s purchase price.

Medicare's Stance

As a general practice, Medicare does not reimburse any part of a walk in or Hybrid tub purchase.

So Why Does Medicare Occasionally Reimburse?

This might be because they see these safe access tubs as so beneficial to the lives of the people they serve…at least in some situations.  And if Medicare does approve your claim, you can then file a claim with your Medicare  Supplement  Insurance for additional  reimbursement.

The reality is that you won't know for sure until you file a claim - and how you fill out that claim can greatly affect your chances of a positive result.

What You Should Know Before Filing

Various groups are working to resolve this gray area situation by trying to get these tubs officially listed by Medicare as Durable Medical Equipment.  Many people feel that these tubs belong on the DME list alongside other already-approved mobility assisting, home safety, quality-of-life enhancing DME items such as:

• Canes
• Commode Chairs
• Crutches
• Hospital Beds
• Patient Lifts
• Scooters
• Walkers
• Wheelchair

Many safe access tub users also have DMEs like wheelchairs, scooters or walkers.  In fact, three Rane Hybrid Tub models are designed for easy accommodation of Patient Lifts.

It is also worth noting that Rane Institutional tubs are approved for use in VA and Department of Defense Hospitals worldwide.  The RH4, RH6 and RB14 models available for your home are very similar to the models used in hospitals and other care facilities.

All Rane Hybrid Tubs are specifically designed to be the “Safest Access Residential Tubs”…especially important to those with mobility issues or the debilitating fear of falling.

Reasons Medicare Does Not Reimburse

There appears to be two reasons regular walk in tubs and Hybrid Tubs are not already officially recognized DMEs.

1.  They can be viewed as “Conveniences” rather than “Medical Necessities”
2.  They could be used by others, not only by the person with the special needs

Who Has Been Successful Getting Reimbursement?

Those tub buyers who have been successful getting Medicare reimbursement have probably overcome these two problems with a convincing claim presentation about their unique situation, mobility issues and “medical necessity”… that is, “needed for the treatment of their medical conditions”.

Again, the only way to find out if you can get reimbursement for your tub purchase is to go through the Medicare claim process and see what happens.

Our Advice on the Matter

Your Medicare claim can only be filed after you first satisfy several requirements and then buy the tub.  Because much of the claim filing process is after you buy your tub, you must be sure you can afford the tub on your own with no expectation of getting any Medicare reimbursement.

Any tub buyer can file a claim as long as they are enrolled in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance).  Because these tubs are not officially DMEs, the claim must be filed by you rather than by the supplier.  The process is not difficult, but like most government programs, you must follow the correct procedure.

Possible Medicare Reimbursement for Rane Walk in Tub

Increase Your Chances of Reimbursement with this Informative Booklet

To help you prepare your Medicare claim according to proper procedure, we have a FREE, informative booklet titled “How To Apply For Possible Medicare Reimbursement For Your New Rane Hybrid Tub”.

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• What to do before you order your tub
• The “Must Have” your claim requires
• Correct Medicare Forms to file
• Instructions for completing the Forms
• The correct address to mail your claim
• Special claim inserts that may increase your chances of success
• The special Form that must be included…or your claim will be returned to you

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